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League of Legends RP Card and Skin Contest

November 20, 2012 by Miss Lemonade

League of Legends Sivir Pax Skin official art

Whoa, hey there. I haven’t written anything in a while but I am coming back from the dead with a really exciting League of Legends contest for you guys. Provided by an awesome benefactor Zaralynda, we have a prize for both NA (North America) and EU (European)* players. The purpose of the contest is not only to give back to the League of Legends community but also thank Riot for doing a really awesome job at enforcing player’s language and behavior via their Tribunal as well as their stated terms of service. Riot has made quite a commitment to ensuring the safety and wellness of their players, and so this contest is to show appreciation for that!

One NA* player will be receiving a $10 RP card for whatever they want to spend it on!

One EU/E* player will be receiving the Legend of Legends PAX Sivir skin!

One EU/W* player will be receiving the Legend of Legends PAX Sivir skin!

Nifty as hell, eh?

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment by Tuesday, November 27th at 12 PM CST (6:00 PM GMT) that states your favorite champion from League of Legends and your region (US/EUE/EUW). You cannot enter this contest twice. The winner will be announced Wednesday, November 28th.

Good luck to all and spread the word!

*Codes work on these servers only even if you do not live in these regions. However, this contest is unfortunately not open to other regions as we have no prizes for them. I am very sorry!



  1. bullhugs says:

    Favorite champion is Lux and I’m on the US realm. Hi!

  2. Rush says:

    I am Seraph1337 on US servers and my favorite champion is LEONA.

  3. Kittlore says:

    Hi there~ I’d have to say my favorite champion is Ahri, although I’m really bad with her. I’m also on the US side of things.

  4. bli08 says:

    Favourite Champion is Karthus and I’m on NA

  5. ronz0r says:

    Favorite champion is Diana and I’am from EU server.Hi! :3

  6. Rickndroll says:

    My favorite champion is Lux and i’m from the EU West server!

  7. Chibi says:

    Hiya I’m ChibiGrl on NA servers and my fav champ is Teemo (don’t hate hehe) and ty for this contest 🙂

  8. My favorite champion is Jax and I’m on NA

  9. Ozzilla says:

    Server EU , champ Mordekaiser “;..;”

  10. Can Orhan says:

    EUW. Favorite champion is actually Sivir! Played her for about 4 years now and she has been fun before and after reworks 🙂

  11. Zaralynda says:

    (Zaralynda here, I’m providing the prizes for the contest!)

    Unfortunately the PAX Sivir skin appears to be a EU East only code. I had a hard time finding something available to me for EU West (I’m in the US), but I’ll look harder since there does seem to be a demand for it. Give me a few hours!

  12. Thallidan says:

    NA checking in. My current favorite is Zyra because she earned my first penta kill just a couple weeks ago.

  13. jobias says:

    NA here. My favorite is Lulu as support.

  14. Muscratt says:

    NA here. Olaf’s a beast on the new TT. Of course, I Leeroy with him all the time.

  15. SIXTYNIN3 says:

    EU NE ^^.My fav would be Sona for her “power” to change everything in late games.

  16. Starm says:

    NA here as well! I have a few favorites, but I think my absolute favorite has to be Ziggs.

  17. OfRedAndBlue says:

    NA servers here, where I am OfRedAndBlue. My favourite champion is Teemo, because Yordles. :3

  18. HAha says:

    I found a Korea Pax Sivir Skin can you give to me?

  19. Tristana Rocks says:

    I just love that Tristana. Jump, explode, and push! Combined with ignite for a sure kill. I’m not too bad either. I like to keep on the EU/W side of things……

  20. Sunny Jeon says:

    Favorite champion is Rammus and I’m on EUE

  21. Roman says:

    Favorite champion Lee Sin.Im on EUE.

  22. Jake says:

    Favourite champ would be of course Ahri! 😀

    NA Server!

  23. Bruno says:

    Hi:) I’m a summoner from EU/W server. Ahri is just the best.
    she’s been used in most of games since she came out

  24. superboad says:

    Absolutely ~ ~ Darius.
    He jumps like a rabbit and stomps like a bear.
    I saw that he jumps four time in succession.
    That must be terrible for the enemy.
    He is the real man’s champion.
    I’m on NA server just like you.

  25. runato says:

    Runato eu nordic east.My favourite champ is GAREN

  26. Senna Blanc says:


  27. iksez says:

    Pax jax and sivir))))))

  28. Mia says:

    Hello! My favorite of all-time champion is Soraka, but I am currently learning Lulu. I’m on the US region! Happy Thanksgiving ^_^ (if you celebrate it that is. If not, then have a good week!)

  29. Šupreme says:

    Hi there, my nickname is Šupreme and play on EU West,also my favourite champion is Sivir, so thats why i’m here (: Want this awesome skin since it was added to the game :з

  30. Kenny says:

    Hello! My fav champion is Katarina, and I am on the US realm >:)

  31. Anatolii says:

    Favorite champion is Teemo – he’s really mobile and interesting to play 🙂 EU East.

  32. Vhaerau says:

    I am on NA and my favorite champ is Yorick, the gravedigger.

  33. thug says:

    My favourite champion is Jarvan IV, I think he is very powerful and underestimated for now.I’m playing at EUW.

  34. Joreto says:

    Jax Grandmaster at Arms, that the guy, my favorite! I am on EUW. thanks 🙂

  35. Tim says:

    EU WEST Singed

  36. Mika says:

    My favourite champ is Nidalee.EUW

  37. Matthew says:

    My fave champ is def Graves, NA 😀

  38. red_jacobin says:

    US region, favorite champion is volibear

  39. letitbe says:

    My nickname is miyake and I play on NA,KR both.

    I like Sivir most, because her Q skill gives a powerful damage with a long target range also.

    I just heard that any PAX sivir code used on NA, EU can be reused on KR account.

    I’m just wondering that I can win the prize and get PAX sivir code for NA, but doesn’t matter if u gave me the used code for PAX sivir which I can also applicate on my KR account.(as I previously mentioned, XD)

    If possible, can you mail me through my account;

    However, I’ll keep in touch with ur post.
    respect your kind action, 😛

  40. Brandon says:

    My nickname is Stolas and I am on the NA server. My fav champion is probably Diana right now. She’s not oversexualized in her default skin and she’s really fun ^.^

  41. littlepulco says:

    My nickname is littlepulco in game.Thx 😛

  42. littlepulco says:

    Ups sorry I forget.MY nickname is littlepulco.My favourite champion is Gragas and I am from EUW.

  43. culturecontrol says:

    my name is History Maker on the NA servers and my favorite champion is Cho’Gath. he’s so adorable~

  44. Kharn Da says:

    I am “From Google” on EUNE servers and my favorite champion is Kog’Maw

  45. Badman55 says:

    im Badman55 and my favorite champ ezreal

  46. Lena says:

    NA server here, fav champ is Ashe! 😀

  47. Tecciz says:

    My favorite champion is Ahri,EUNE server

  48. Contraho says:

    My name Contraho on euNE. Favorit champion is Talon!

  49. […] week we had a contest promoting the awesome company behavior that Riot has displaying with how they handle abusive players in their game, League of Legends.The prizes, generously furnished by Zaralynda, are:One NA* […]

  50. littlepulco says:

    Hi there.I dont get my skin on my e-mail.Can you send it plz?Thx

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